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HOPPE door repair. Most Won't... WE WILL!

We get several calls each day from people all over the U.S. asking for advice on what could be wrong with their HOPPE Multi-point locking system and what it would take to have us fix them. Most locksmiths are scared to touch a HOPPE locking system, SADLY the majority that are willing to "give it a try" DO NOT understand how these locking systems are manufactured and end up wasting YOUR time and money. WE are one of the FEW locksmiths that understand how these systems work. PROPERLY replacing a HOPPE locking system is NOT a simple process, but we are ALWAYS happy to send a technician out to help you. Phone consultations are available at our normal hourly rate email to set up a consultation.

The HOPPE Multi-Point Lock Hardware has been used in several higher end doors. HOPPE has several systems they offer.

We also repair a lot of Peachtree doors. After 2002 Peachtree used HOPPE Multipoint Locks These locks had a faceplate that ran the entire length of door panel.


We ARE the NATIONS best solution to repair doors with HOPPE locks!

Many clients have flown us to them because "the local guys were unable to repair these doors". 

CALL US TODAY at 615-672-8888 to get a quote and reserve your spot on the list.

You WILL be asked to send us a few pictures of your doors. PLEASE send several good quality pictures of your doors to If you can't take the time to send us a few good pictures of your doors we will not be able to help you.

(our HOPPE team is generally booked 10 to 18 days out)


To ensure we order the correct replacement parts please Print and return the HOPPE form to the right.

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